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Wireless Mini Hair Straightener Comb

Wireless Mini Hair Straightener Comb

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Keep your delicate hairstyle anytime and anywhere.

From curly to straight, all you need is a comb, can be carried in a bag.
【Unique Comb,Easy to use】Different from traditional hair straighteners, it has a built-in hair comb with teeth, and it can be used after charging, easy to carry.
【Material】The comb is made of PTC material, with three temperature adjustments, and contains a hair care ceramic coating, which will not damage the hair quality during use
  • ceramic coating
Three-speed temperature adjustment
Anti-scald handle
【4000mAh Large-Capacity Battery
Even if you go out for a whole day, you don't have to worry about the power shortage of the straightening comb



【For All  Hair Types】Rolling and straight dual-use,Soft, thinning, thick, curly, even beard! Simply brush through hair with the straightening brush to tame frizz and waves.

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